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Emotion Coaching Seminars for Parents 

What is Emotion Coaching?  John Gottman's research has found that the primary reason kids do well in life isn't because of IQ, race, gender, athletic ability, genetics or money.  Instead, studies show, it's how parents connect with them when they're sad, angry, or scared that matters most.  This is the heart of Emotion Coaching, a parenting style that creates positive effects on the behaviour, health and potential of our children.  Successful parenting begins in your heart, and then continues on a moment-to-moment basis by engaging your children when feelings run high, when they are sad, angry, or scared.  The heart of parenting is being there in a particular way when it really counts.

In this seminar parents will learn the skills to communicate with their children and help them:


        - Perform better academically
        - Have fewer behavioural problems
        - Be more emotionally stable
        - Be more resilient
        - Motivate themselves

Parents will also reflect and discover how they relate to emotions (dismissing, disapproving, or encouraging) as a result of their own upbringing and through the concept of attachment, gain tools for self-understanding.  They will identify their parental agendas, their inherited parenting styles, and other parenting interaction patterns that interfere with their abilities to empathize and communicate with their children.

Regardless of their age,

Emotion Coaching will allow you to create a stronger connection with your children

and develop emotional intelligence skills.


Contact Dayami Fernandes for more information and to register for workshop: