Educational Programs

Workshops and Training

All workshops listed here are appropriate for parents, educators, social workers, health professionals and any individual interested in enhancing communications and improving relationships with others.

TA Training

The Insight Counselling Centre provides advanced training courses for those who wish to study TA in greater depth. A Certified Transactional Analyst designation requires advanced theory training and hands-on therapy experience with supervision. The final step is an international certification exam.


Training is provided at a cost substantially lower than fees generally paid for training in this discipline. We off this to increase the number of therapists skilled in TA so we can better meet the needs of our community.

TA 101: Introduction to Transactional Analysis

This 12-hour course is an introduction to the theory and practice of Transactional Analysis. Content focuses on practical tools and solid theory related to personality and communication. It explores two of the key concepts of transactional analysis:

  1. Ego states (parent, adult, and child)
  2. Transactions (communication exchanges between people)

Certified TA practitioners provide instruction through a combination of classroom lecture, participation exercises and group discussion.

Contact the centre to register your interest in taking TA 101 and to inquire about the next offering.