Our Mission


Insight provides affordable psycho-therapy/counselling and therapist training; promoting positive change in all aspects of an individual’s personal and working lives.


Our vision is for every person in Calgary, regardless of their income, to have access to competent psycho-therapy.


Our core values are: dignity, respect, positive self-worth, compassion, competence, spirituality, and accessibility.

  • We believe each individual has an innate right to dignity, respect, and a positive sense of self worth.
  • We believe in compassion: our clients for themselves, our therapists for our clients, and our organization for the community.
  • We believe in competence: We help our clients discover their own competence, and we achieve competence through our therapists, our training, and our curriculum.
  • We believe in recognizing the spirituality of each individual.
  • We believe everyone should have access to the therapy.